File copy tools, which is the best?

File copy tools, which is the best?

As an Storage administrator, one of my biggest nightmares in the day to day administration is dealing with CIFS shares and file copies, huge shares, with millions of files, tons of subfolders, orphan folders no one has access to  and UNC paths that go further than 256 characters. Copying data at file level in these kind of scenarios can be a hard thing to accomplish if you don’t have the right tools to do it. Some time ago I’ve compiles some projects I had around, finished them, improved them and put together the File Administration Toolkit which includes some tools which help to accomplish these kind of tasks easier, but it didn’t include a tool for copying files since it is plenty of them in the internet.I have assessed some of these tools, and here is the feedback I have collected through the different tests I’ve been running:


There are alternatives, even using a Linux machine and rsync, or even using Cygwin and rsync, but I wanted to keep low the number of variables in order to increase the compatibility and reduce the points of failure.

Hope you find this useful!

Hernán J. Larrea

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