Netbackup 6.5 backup process

Netbackup 6.5 backup process

Today I have decided to do some writing on Netbackup… one of the famous backup tool in the corporative world. As you might already know, Netbackup is not so friendly but it is so scalable, that is why so many companies chose Symantec for backup purposes. Netbackup has many, MANY processes and commands, and the process of backup, archive and restore involve many interactions across many of these components. That is why I decided to create this presentation, compiling information from Netbackup Troubleshooting guide (see sources section in the presentation), in order to see in a more clear way how these components work.

The following interactive presentation describes how Netbackup 6.5 orchestrates different daemons and processes in order to complete a backup request, you can see this presentation using SildeShare as follows, or you can download it from here.

Hope you enjoy it

Hernán J. Larrea


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  1. Hi,

    Before I proceed with anything else let me tell you something : YOU ARE AWESOME.
    About me, I am a starter in NetApp technology. The other day I learnt how to create a SAN environment from your doc Ontap Cookbook. It was very clear and brief. Right now I am going through your blog, reading NetApp cabling and stuff. You are providing very good info to starters like me. Keep going. All the very best 🙂

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